Social Erasmus Project by ESN Turkey: “Building Bridge Between East and West”

Building Bridge Between East and West

ESN Turkey’s grant funding project is accepted by Erasmus+ Students and Alumni Association in October.

The project took place in Kirikkale, a city near to Ankara, in November and December.
The project was about building bridge between different cultures, and most importantly taking the action part of a great SocialErasmus project with teaching English to refugee children with Erasmus students from different countries.It is not only about spending time and teaching the kids English, but also sharing love, going back to childhood all together, making the kids happy, playing games and having an amazing experience which no one can ever forget!
The volunteers woke up early on weekends with big happiness for 5 weeks.Their aim was touching children’s lives, and becoming the reason of a huge smile on their faces.

Is there anything more beautiful than children’s smile?
We think that there is not!
Cultures are like colours of life, and you can only get the best picture when you mix them and Leave Your Mark!
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